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  • stevek reply Following preacherman's logic, if we assume the guy in the purple shirt is an officer of the Fashion Police, and the preacher is, by wearing that hat and vest, disrespecting fashion authority... then I think all of this checks out.
  • Chunkypuffs94 reply lol Michael Beown was a thug, not an 11year old little kid seen in the photos media used him for
  • Zionosis reply Typical blacks. sigh. I bet the guy protesting there knows now why so many blacks are in prison and will stop his theories, lol
  • Mistressnancy reply Mateis, I can only hear what the preacher says in this video, since I was not there, but he is saying something about "it promotes the mentality of F the police, so it's no wonder so many are in prison because they had this mentality of F the police...", so he's working on some sort of point about, not sure? Respect? Authority? Reverence? Something about respect for authority. Then he goes on to say "Michael Brown died because of this disrespect for authority" - which is NOT saying that he deserved to die, and your clearly putting your interpretation words into his mouth with that statement. Whatever the street preachers point was, he never managed to state it in full in this video, and nobody should be blatantly beaten like that, just for speaking, ever, anywhere! And certainly not in a free speech zone. The woman yelling at him isn't helping the situation either.
  • SackOs reply I just can't imagine any cause where I'd stand somewhere holding a sign, yelling. I'm jealous of their brainwashed commitment to something.
  • PEEZUSWORLDTOUR reply This why you must seperate school and church
  • RobOReilly reply College kids are the worst
  • SambaSchutte reply I did not expect the guy closest to him who seemed to be the most attentive to be the one!
  • mateis reply Thank you to TheBlaze for correcting the story. I think now all that is left is we can agree that violence to silence free speech is not ok. Also on the other side of the coin, keep in mind that the anger the person felt is totally understandable. The preacher said earlier "all blacks need to repent" and immediately before he got punched, that Mike Brown basically deserved to die. (Still not justifying the violence)
  • mateis reply TheBlaze published that that person was part of the black activist group you see in the background. He wasn't. Please help spread the word. I'm the guy at :40. #concernedstudent1950 #blacklivesmatter #freespeech
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