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  • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia reply To be honest, no I wouldn't watch you reviewing another Youtube channel. To me your content is a vlogger's content, what you're talking about here is more of a tech-guru thing. I watch a guy named Roberto Blake on Youtube for that, he's a graphic designer and is fairly knowledgeable about SEO. But to be honest, if you did that... I'd consider that to be you deviating too far away from what your channel is about and I wouldn't watch it at all.
    • [ – ] dancrivelli parent reply even though like 20 people on youtube said do it. You are right and I agree with you and I won't actually be doing it. Thankyou alot for the feedback man.
      • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply Yeah the thing is a lot of people on any video platform will often tell you what you want to hear. People will give you positive feedback about just about anything. You can make a terrible video and have people tell you you're awesome. I don't roll that way, mabey you can tell from some of my previous feedback on your vids. I call a spade a spade and call it like I see it. If something ain't so great, I'll tell you, hopefully without sounding like too much of an asshole. The lesson to learn from this though, is if you only ever listen to positive reenforcement, positive feedback, you will won't get that bigger world view that your audience lives in. You won't actually improve and grow if you only listen to your "yes men". Personally I tend to trust viewers that tell me what's wrong with my vids more than ones who just say "keep doing what your doing". It's the same mentality that really beautiful women have when they finally meet a guy who calls them on thier bullshit (ie- bad habit...mores) rather than just putting up with it whereby the guy has the hope of getting the girl in bed and doesn't dare offend her.
  • JohnnyAppleseed2 reply Dan's vids R great 2 watch if you dont have to know what they're about :)...
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