Anime Review: Fate/Stay Night (2006) Saber's Route (VIDME Exclusive!)

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I liked it. I'm not a huge Type/Moon fan but I do enjoy good anime so this is pretty good. You seem passionate about it which is also good. I haven't seen this in years but I should get around to rewatching it.
    • [ – ] AnimeReviews parent reply Thanks so much for your comment, if I do love Fate./Stay night and all, but I will knock the fanbase because they are kind of crazy. I did follow you and I will start watching your stuff, thanks so much for sitting through me rambling for almost 30 minutes!
      • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply Well like most things not everything is bad. The fanbase probably has some good people in it like yourself. Please do. It was interesting. I particularly liked the segment on your take on the music. I'm big into music myself so that hit home for me.
        • AnimeReviews parent reply Fate/Stay Night 2006 was composed by Kenji Kawai of the Ghost in the shell '95 movie. And the music is lovely. Watch it free on Viewster, totally worth it and you pay no money.
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