Skyrim: Amethyst's Armory : Onyx's Scythe, Stormcaller's fury by Ronnie Magnum

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  • SPECTREStudio reply Truth be told, the shock damage is levelled, based on either two-handed or enchanting. My battlemage has 100 in both (level 60), and the shock damage went up from 30 to 57. I've yet to determine which skill is the one that raises that damage level yet.
  • SPECTREStudio reply Excellent work, RipX. Love that scythe with my battle mage
  • DragonStar reply Great video. Love the new armor and that Scythe looks awesome!! Saphire looks great in that armor. When you use AddItem Menu, it only give you a copy of the item, it doesn't pull it from the game. In fact you can keep going back and getting as many copies as you like.
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