The Idea of Maximum Wage

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  • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully reply Higher tax brackets are supposed to level out pay disparity but..... richer people have accountants to hide income, poorer people don't. Tho, I look at income differently than most. I have stand alone solar, wood fire/stove and endless fire wood, land for growing food and a creek for water. So, for me money is only for luxuries, the basics are covered. I do not need a high income of $$ because I have a high income of free electricity/food/water/heat.
    • Desolator2B parent reply 100% correct, we have to move to a deflationary currency in order to fix the issues we face. I'd love to have all the basics covered, it's the best way to go. +1
  • [ – ] BadwolfGamer reply We're in the 21st century and minimum wage isn't even mnimum to inflation.
    • [ – ] Desolator2B parent reply True, but increasing minimum wage will only stifle competition. Wal-Mart for example is a huge advocate for a 15 dollar minimum wage because they can put their competition out of business. The only way to fix the minimum wage and inflation problem is to put the dollar back on the gold standard, that way the dollar becomes a deflationary currency again. However, we both know the Fed will never let something like that. Next best thing is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.
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