Nov. 14, 2016 - The JRV Morning Show - FB LIVE

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  • JayRichardVarvel reply Description Continued From Above...on their timeline will receive 5 extra entries. Thank You ALL for Your Help Spreading the Word! Energy Reading of the Day (6:04 - 13:33mins.) & Card from Energy Reading of the Day: "Awakening" 11:11 Meditation: (13:40 - 21:21mins.) - Start off by taking a couple cleansing breaths. Ground and connect to Mother Earth. Bring attention to your Heart Space and expand your Light from the inside out. Tap into your very own connection to Infinite Awareness. An Owl Spirit Animal, takes us on a journey very deep within, and we encounter a Mystical & Magical Waterfall. This meditation is great for connecting to your Higher Self, cleansing & clearing your energy field.
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