The Whisper Challenge

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  • [ – ] BruceShepard1970 reply I would do really bad on this game. :D I am deaf in my right ear and have a serious amount of hearing loss in my left.
    • [ – ] JonLayman parent reply Aww, i'm sorry to hear that. No pun intended, did something happen?
      • [ – ] BruceShepard1970 parent reply Lost my hearing in my right ear when I was 3 years old due to measles and mumps 6 months apart. Lost my equilibrium for a short period of time. Then in 86 I was in a bad motorcycle wreck. Had a basal skull fracture and damaged the cochlea causing tinnitus.
        • JonLayman parent reply Oh wow, that's crazy. I am honestly terrified to ride a motorcycle after some of the accidents I've seen growing up. I would assume it takes a lot of trust to be on the road with people who don't pay attention while driving.
      • [ – ] BruceShepard1970 parent reply lol I'm a bad lip reader too.
        • JonLayman parent reply Honestly, I thought it would be so easy. Then you try it out and I feel like its hard to focus on the every movement. I was absolutely horrible with this. lol
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