How To Protect Your Phone From The Government

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  • XandrDotExe reply I just want to point out that I would NOT recommend Tor as a regular browser, because the exit node (the last person to pass your information via proxy before it is sent to the web server) is still able to see what you input into the browser, so it would be really bad to input things like SSN's or credit card numbers through Tor, because while the government can't necessarily see what you put in, even worse: someone ELSE could see what you input. Tor is primarily used to block your IP and information you don't want tracked to you, but if you put in identifiable information, then you are still vulnerable. If you ask me, a VPN browser located in a country outside of the USA is a better option, because VPN companies outside of the US are not required by government to give information if told to, and even if they do give it in, the information is usually encrypted if your VPN is a good one.
  • VibeSensational reply Jokes on you. I'm using Android
  • HungryJeff1 reply they're watching us... no one is safe...
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