Trump: "We're not going into Syria"

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  • [ – ] CaptainSwitzerland reply I certainly hope this remains the case...things aren't looking quite as primed for war as they were a few days ago. That said, another "chemical weapons attack" in Syria might potentially be enough to force a change in policy.
    • [ – ] Patrick_Hostis parent reply Putin certainly seems to think more false flags are imminent. Unfortunately, it looks like the National Security Council has been infiltrated by the Deep State-I got a new video coming out soon on that.
      • [ – ] CaptainSwitzerland parent reply I wouldn't be surprised if there were. I looked forward to seeing it! Our foreign sec Boris got blocked trying to place additional sanctions on Russia at the G7 the other day. Seems the UK is trying to throw it's full weight behind this too.
        • [ – ] Patrick_Hostis parent reply Very foolish to go into the tar pit known as Syria. I guess, for the Globalists, the longer we are mired in Syria the more money they make-so what would they care. It's not like they are going to have to fight it.
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