RichLoco LIVE - The Second American Civil War: Part I

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  • freerangehobo reply The problem lies in the fact that they are part of a generation that has been raised under the precepts of Marxism. We need to solve the problem of Antifa by attacking the root: school, university and secret societies that influence our young people. That's where it begins and that's where it needs to end. Parents are way too quick to turn their children over to educators whom they do not know. They likely have no clue about the values or social leanings of those who are teaching their children. I was blessed with teachers who were genuinely interested in my progress and sustainability for my future. Their influences on me made deep impressions on my outlook and behavior that has stayed with me for life. This clearly demonstrates what sort of early training these Antifa have received in their formative years, and the products of broken families. These are also the types of people Hillary appealed to and depended on for votes.
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