Discussing OpenIV Cease and Desist

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  • iMissTooMuch reply Rockstar doesn't like modding, because modding doesn't support shark cards. There's an argument that they're cracking down on multiplayer hacks through it, but I don't think OpenIV actually supports that. The opinion on modding, from developers, has slowly worsened over time. Team Fortress started out as a mod. DOTA started as a mod. DayZ started as a mod. Counter Strike started as a mod. Killing Floor started as a mod. Modding used to be rewarded by developers. All of the Valve-related mods were bought and made into full games. They saw it as a way of making their game better, without any work or money. I think now they're realizing that mods usually yield the best version of a game, and they don't like it. Why buy DLC/Microtransactions, when there's free mods that are better? That hurts their insane profits, so they're attacking it.
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