What College/University Should I Go To?

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  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Just throwing this out there: Why not become a self-study of a skill-set you are interested in and get a diploma / certification? You could go as low as a Community College (where you can easily take these courses in high school and still have enough courses to still get an undergrad) or go online and get a degree in said subject in pre-med or pre-vet. Check to see if these Uni's have a similar path (Try University In Chicago?)
    • MatthewC parent reply I've heard people suggest community colleges or taking online courses. I'm at a prepatory high school and basically everybody in my family has been to a four-year, so a community college is probably not for me, but I'll definitely look into at least taking some courses online (in fact, I'm hoping to do some dual enrollment online this summer). Thanks for the advice!
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