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  • [ – ] joelHFX reply Made the switch to Duckduckgo over 5 years ago from google. Totally painless.
    • [ – ] sandia_mesa_mlh parent reply Nice. I'm gonna try it out.
    • [ – ] Ricalloo parent reply DDG is the way to go! I call it DDG :P
      • TheBite parent reply I've being using DuckDuckGo for awhile now and I've been loving it :D, also thanks for watching ;)
    • [ – ] BlackbirdFrost parent reply Likewise. DuckDuckGo has been my go-to for years now...except sadly I still say "Googling"
      • TheBite parent reply Yea I've tried telling people I'm going to DuckDuckGo something but then I am usually met with odd / confused looks :P. I think the term googling will stick as the official term for searching something on the web for a very long time / forever :P
    • [ – ] Crusaphax parent reply +1 for Duckduckgo, I've also been using Opera browser - Chrome has just become a resource hog now.
      • [ – ] TheBite parent reply I'm still using Chrome because of some features I use but I used to use Opera and I am considering switching back to it, it's a good browser (Well at least was back in the day, but hopefully it's still good :P)
    • [ – ] shlurp parent reply Unfortunally duckduckgo has it's servers hosted on amazon aws, so our data just goes to an other big data company. Let us try using services like or other metasearchengines like searx. You can get the power of googles searchengine without giving up your data.
      • [ – ] joelHFX parent reply I think it is a stretch to assume your data is unsafe because they use Amazon AWS. Sure the NSA will access it but that is the same anywhere.
        • [ – ] shlurp parent reply Sure they could, let's just make life as hard as we can for them by using non US services. Sadly most of the alternatives aren't that much better or will be on the "dark side" in the near future. So I guess we need to show them what we want and also what we dislike. Not using Google, Bing and Yahoo ist a huge step in the right direction!
          • joelHFX parent reply I hate to sound like a nihilist but they collect the information just in case they need it. So when they want to look it up, it is just as easy as a google search for them.
    • [ – ] NukeA6 parent reply They gotten better in recent times. No need to use Google anymore.
      • TheBite parent reply Yes I used DuckDuckGo a couple of years back and the search results where waaaaay off. Now I find things I'm searching for even if my spelling / grammer and such are waaaay off :P
  • [ – ] 6Lurk6Moar6 reply Bing is essentially no different from Google in Microsoft's Globalization efforts on the political front.
    • TheBite parent reply Yes I do agree bing isn't much better than Google but I still wanted to throw it out there mostly because it does have some things going for it even if it isn't really the search engine part of it :P
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply cool ive already switched to duckgo 3 weeks ago, #1 yeah 🤓
  • [ – ] RenSfm reply Tor is better.
    • TheBite parent reply I need to look into Tor a bit more, I've heard of it a lot and I know quite a bit about it but I don't actually have experience using it :P. But as far as I know / understand it isn't really so much a Search Engine or is it :P??
  • [ – ] UnrealSounds reply Alternatives are not replacements.
    • TheBite parent reply Well I've completely stopped using Google Search on my Computer so in a way I did replace it but I still use other Google services and I still use Google Search on my phone so I guess you are correct :P... Btw thanks for watching!
  • [ – ] AvaToyShow reply Good suggestions, Duckduckgo is getting a lot of love
    • TheBite parent reply Yup, I love it! And it's not even for the obvious reason! I love their search results and the way they are presented :D. Also the searches are consistent unlike Google :P
  • [ – ] TheRealJam reply is a detection if your IP address is being leaked. Startpage type ipleak.Net using that your IP address is leaked. Or any one of the so called safe browsers. The only way is a good VPN. But then if you order online then what? Wikileaks 7 proved that doesn't even matter with the installation of microphones on the chipsets in smart phones. Then you have the dialer in your phone exposing you, your messenger app exposing you. Not to mention the apps we click on yes I agree to having no privacy. Now the Congress and Senate allowing the legal sale of our data to ISP what is left? Brand new cars same problem as well as t.v.s or any other smart appliance. Oh and the smart readers for utilities. So is there anything you can do really?? Outside of living off the grid completely?
  • [ – ] Armanicode777 reply DuckduckGO!!!
  • [ – ] MeMadMax reply Bing? Are you kidding? Why no WebCrawler? It's a proxy to several other web search engines so more hits + privacy...
    • [ – ] TheBite parent reply I wanted to include Bing because even though it has the same flaws as Google it still has some nice features mostly unrelated to the search part of it :P And I'll need to investigate WebCrawler further haven't heard much about it.... Well thanks for watching :D
  • [ – ] Endovelico reply or, it keeps your privacy and fetches results from google. And offer you proxy service. The best.
    • TheBite parent reply I still prefer the results that DuckDuckGo gives but I agree that those are really cool as well :D.... I actually really like the advanced search feature :D
  • [ – ] Wolfinspire reply Best is Duckandgo they are all about privacy unlike Google or most.
  • [ – ] racerhomie reply Use
    • TheBite parent reply Well sometimes other options have practical reasons to use them but for general use DuckDuckgo is defiantly a great search engine :D
  • [ – ] D3monD4rk reply Boodingo is better :^)
  • [ – ] Pedrolopes reply I was beginning to think that you were to forget about
    • TheBite parent reply Now why would I do that? I made a whole video about Ducks!! How could I not address the Duck in the room? :P
  • [ – ] SuperSpannerX1 reply Awesome thank you :)
  • [ – ] DavidTeunissen reply Me started using Dolphin browser.. somebody knows a good email alternative?
    • TheBite parent reply If you mean something other than Google's mailing service then I don't have experience with very many others but Yahoo and Hotmail are 2 options although as I stated I don't have experience with many including these :/. But thank you very much for watching!
  • [ – ] Raynor9899 reply Thanks for the video!I use ixquick and duckduckgo as well.I recommend both for everyone out there.
    • TheBite parent reply I've been using DuckDuckGo but after I discovered ixquick while making this video, I'll probably use it as a backup :P
  • [ – ] chris_f3rnandes reply Go Microsoft guys... Boycott Chrome and use Edge! Boycott Google and use Bing! Boycott Android and use Windows. This might me be tough but microsoft is improving them really well and it's reliable now.
    • TheBite parent reply I generally like Microsoft but I don't think I want to go quite that far especially with the browser :P and thanks for watching!
  • [ – ] geordieprepper reply Good video, your two top choices are the ones that I use. Search bar searches in my Safari are done by duckduckgo (preference change in Safari) and ixquick I use in Tor Browser. The good thing about IXQuick is that you can setup your preferences and then get a URL with those preferences saved and use that as your homepage.
  • [ – ] Bal0a reply I've used duckduckgo in the past but I switched to when I found out that they set a tracking cookie, even though they claimed they didn't. It's their slogan for crying out loud! How can I ever take them seriously again?
    • TheBite parent reply I guess you could take them seriously if you are up against them in court or if you are at a funeral with them? I don't know really :P. Thanks for watching!
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