UN Agenda 2030: Global Plan for global enslavement! pt 1 of 2

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  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply The misinformation of the climate Change alarmist how they corrupt the data, to promote their Ponzi Scheme to collect TAX money to enrich their bank accounts and promote their goals of controlling the population with this money. The lie about the Real information founded on history and science and how the people of the past benefitted from warming. A warmest tried to tell me that warm temperatures kill plants, this is nonsense I know from experience that Cold temperatures kill plants. With the abundance of water they grow food in hot deserts all that is required to produce agriculture when for man to install an irrigation system, then birds and other animals make this there homes. The Climate Alarmists use nonsense like the Northern ICE cap is shrinking but they ignore that the ICE in at the opposite pole increased during the same period. This indicates it has more to do with the movement of the earth and the output of the sun. Many of the converts to the Global Climate Change theorie...mores have NO basic science background and repeat stupid theories without challenging the source for it's validity. They blindly follow trendy books as a source of their science and listen to celebrities that think that spirit cooking is art. Hollywood is full of people on stage putting on a Goat head telling people to listen to them. LOL And people do listen to them. Still LOL Where are the tin foil hats on stage shaped like pyramids.
    • Blue_Rayner parent reply so true, I have been a follower of 'Climate sceptic' Lord Monckton for many years. I agree with him that Hoax of #MMGW is about a world order tax for global governance. this is not in the peoples interest. Thank you.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The CBC propaganda machine has been active since the time of the first Trudeau. The Multi-culture Marxist propaganda network started to brainwash Canadians during that time. They never present any real news, They only play supporting clips then the Report give us the Globalist interpretation of what to think. They present every story with a Globalist twist to it. These reporters do the thinking for most Canadians, as they know if they showed the entire clip we will see the truth of what was said. Canadians have grown accustomed to this form of NEWS {Propaganda} as the CBC has become the equivalent weapon that a dictator like Kim Jung Um weapon for all levels of Government in Canada. The CBC is so blatant in it's lying it makes CNN look honest. What should we expect from Justin who said he like dictatorships, His father used the war measures act to suspend rights. This gives you some insight into the Trudeau logic. That is why Justin supported Bill M-103 any criticism of Islam is Illeg...moreal. Remember Charilie Hebdo was ISLAMOPHOBIC. Now Trudeau wants to push forward a Bill C-6 to make deporting terrorist illegal.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Hollywood been allowed to portrayed the Christian religion in a bad light and the Pope hasn't helped or come out against this practice that Hollywood has of attacking the faith. Hollywood has no problem blaming Christians but it hides from ISLAM. The popes policies of inviting in Muslim Extremists into the Catholic church to hold prayers isn't what is in the bible. God warned about this and how it brought destruction on Israel in the bible where they worshiped other Gods in the Temple Ezekiel 8:16 This pope does little to forward the protection of Christians persecuted in the Middle East but goes out of his way to protect ISLAMIC religion. He has forgotten the past the battle of Vienna and WW2 when the nation of ISLAM joined Germany. Un fortunately it is looking more and more like this is part of creating the ONE world religion and the pope is part of it. With his we all worship the same GOD. Did Mohammad or Buda die on the Cross for out sins. The teaching of ISLAM are the complete opp...moreosite of what JESUS taught, so this is proof that ISLAM is not the same God.
  • Blue_Rayner reply Please share & tell your friends 'Warn everyone!' Thank you.
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