Legend Maker is the Zelda Inspired Dungeon Making Game, and we need your help in spreading the word

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  • [ – ] KissyKaede reply This looks fun. I hope your game is a success!
  • TotallyGoodAtGames reply Hi! I saw this video on /r/vidmeos, saw the words "Zelda inspired dungeon" and immediately clicked it! My friend and I would absolutely LOVE to play this on our show! It looks great so far.
  • KingdomAce reply Guess you could call me a ZeldaTuber tbh since its majorly what I do on YT and vidme haha so feel free to send me a copy and ill record a playthrough of it
  • imaginaryfanboy reply Not a let's player but I hope it all goes well with your game (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • archeroelund reply i need something to lets play send me a link and i will lets play it
  • GamingGhost reply I'm so down for this, send me that link. Although i make good quality content my exposure rate is abysmal atm (started 2 days ago), still... i wanna play! *cries*
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