Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Theatrical Cut | Movie Review

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  • SPIRITMANSTUDIOS reply My problem with the movie stems from its Ultimate Edition. It seems like this is a marketing gimmick for anyone who didn't like the first version to go out and spend extra cash to watch the new cut. While extended cuts can be fun, they are also risky. My main concern is whether or not WB is going to continue this trend of making a terrible film in the first run, then going out and releasing a better cut of the film after everyone has made up their mind on the film as a whole. Bobby Burns did a video recently on the trend of extended editions and how they have been turned from something that fans of the original film might enjoy, to a form of cheep cash grabbing. As for the "Ultimate Edition" I didn't like it either. While it did clear up some problems I had with the film, there is just way too much they cram in the film that there are some parts where I am questioning whether or not these parts needed to be in there (in both theatrical and extended)
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