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Should cetaceans be in captivity?

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July 7 2017

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After I made my Blackfish vs. SeaWorld video, it wasn't long before I wanted to make another. I started this one in June, so it took me over half a year of going back and revising, changing here and there. I'm a perfectionist, and made a few factual mistakes with tat other video, so I wanted to make sure I got this one right. This one is much more exhaustive but I'm not done with this subject yet. I say in the the beginning that I'm doing this with no agenda but only offering up the facts. One may argue it is biased because I begin with the myths about captivity being bad, and (more or less) disprove them. But still, I refrain from drawing any conclusions of my own in this video, it's simply the facts. The title is made to provoke and grab attention, as I don't think the "should" argument will get us anywhere. There's a lot of things we maybe "shouldn't" do because they're "unnatural", but that doesn't make them bad. The "should" question is thus a silly question that doesn't belong in any rational argument. The data for my calculations comes from here: (And it's also free for anyone to see where all dolphins in the world come from - no Taiji dolphins in the US, except for one FKW captured in 1987, before import was illegal.) Lifespan of dolphins: (Here they say BNDs live on average only 17 years in the wild.) Sea pens: Whales preferring the smaller pools: (Also heard by other people so that's hard to source, but if I find it again I'll post it here.) No copyright infringement intended. I make no money off of this, it is purely for educatio

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