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  • [ – ] Benchez reply This is truly a video that I believe that many should see. I too know how this is as well just by making videos. I see friends without boarders means to me is. That anyone can become a friend regardless of background all it takes is a something as simple as a "hello", I have met so many people just by making videos and I have created life long friendships just by wanting to connect with more people. Truly a amazing video, welcome to vidme I know you will do phenomenal here
    • neyaonline parent reply Thank you, thank you so much for your response! Yes, I do agree that a gesture as small as "hello" can make a difference. I too have met so many people just by saying hello to them and created strong bonds with them that even if I live on the other side of the globe, I still keep touch with them from time to time and I always have someone to look forward to when I travel on their side of the globe. (Sounds kinda funny by the way I put it xD)
  • [ – ] MaronaPossessed reply I cried while watching. It relates to me so much after graduating from college and lost communication with them. This taught me that memories last forever and it's enough to help me go on. What friends without borders mean to me? Well...people don't realize that we are all very different. We were all raised different with different views, morals, and values. But one thing that we share in common is we are all human and that differences don't drive us apart, but bind us together and makes us learn more.
    • neyaonline parent reply That is so true! I just started college and I met so many people from different countries and since they were study abroad students and they were here for only one semester, I felt really sad that they all left (which is what inspired this video). And you are right about the fact that differences don't drive us apart but bind us together and makes us learn more. If only more people understood that...
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Welcome to the Vidme Community :) Try to get verified
  • neyaonline reply Aww thank you so much! Have an amazing year too! ☺ *gives you free hugs*
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