The Manufactured “Fake News” Narrative #GoldenShowerGate

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  • BadGuacamole reply I see you havent been filtered by vidme yet. Good job!
  • GuatchoMan reply The libs are in a hole and digging deeper. It's a self-limiting philosophy.
  • JadeJicama reply #FakeNewsGate ?
  • nomadic reply Thank you for the excellent video
  • QuazzVids reply Such a strong intro. Had to upvote this video right away lol.
  • [ – ] SG_Studios reply HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 4CHAN... those guys
  • duffy reply i think there's a kernel of truth to the influence of so called fake news on a very small subset of voters who choose to stay in their own media "bubbles" but it was almost definitely overblown and used as a crutch to explain away the hrc defeat. had she won, it surely never would have made an impact in the media.
  • Jassination reply CNN actually called out Buzzfeed on that article and just got roped in somehow (probably because Trump said so). Just wanted to clarify that bit of misinformation.
  • john1196 reply Everything about this country has become fake..... I'll pray Trump can and Will bring some reality back
  • [ – ] CyniKay reply I hate conservatives but I also think that liberal ideologies have changed. I consider myself a progressive and a liberal but goddamn most of us have gone insane. Feminism for example is something that I support but there are so many goddamn radicals that it's lost its true meaning. Same goes for most movements. People are scared, cynical and MOST OF ALL entitled. And I think that's the real problem here, the word "entitled". Every individual should have equal rights and equal opportunities, that is what America was founded upon. I don't care if you're a racist or a homophobe, you still reserve the right to express yourself. This spoiled self-entitlement is the 'cause of a cynicism and dissatisfaction that has spread all over the entire fucking world, that's how we got here in the first place. Anyway, I'm a South African, we have similar divided, fear-based politics. I've grown up observing this bullshit.
    • CyniKay parent reply I guess what I'm trying to say is that hate speech is still free speech and that people need to deal with shit that hurts their feelings without making *everything* a political issue. My generation has been over-coddled. South Park did a great bit on safe-spaces. And for those wondering, I was a Bernie supporters, I was with him all the way.
  • GRTSDCA reply I'm intelligent enough to decide for myself what is "fake news" and what is not.
  • dixi3150 reply Great to hear some common sense. Thinking of coming over to Germany ❔WE are in desperate need of your talent😎😂😎
  • burdman7 reply The truth is out there
  • TristanIsham reply
  • Stationsquareml reply CommieNewsNetwork, Fakebook, Twaddle, AllLEFTIST
  • [ – ] iasi94 reply what i don't get is why you consider snopes as a way to censor "alternative media". So this " alternative media" can just spread fake news?
    • LuminousDragon parent reply Snopes claims to just fact check information and report on it. Some people believe Snopes is not as neutral as they claim. I believe this is what ComputingForever has implied. Are all fact-checking sites equally credible? If not, how do you determine which ones are most credible? Yes, Snopes is very popular and used by many people, but this does not make it factual or reliable. I do not trust the most upvoted comment of every post on reddit, and I don't trust the opinions or claims of PewDiePie because he has the most* Subscribers on YouTube. So, I don't really have much of an opinion on Snopes, as I havent researched it personally, however I think his claim is that Snopes has a political bias, and is therefore not reliable.
  • bryoneill11 reply @badguacamole who is being censored here?
  • Bikky_wrangler reply What I see are two cousins putting on a show for the American people and drama created by the media to make a left and right illusion.
  • [ – ] SG_Studios reply Is facebook still blacklisting links?
  • kwdrummond68 reply Sick of globalism: this is the correct answer. Sick of do-nothing political elitists would also be correct.
  • Slimer reply #GoldenShowerGate Debunked! #FakeNews
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