I See You... (a poem by Westley Nash)

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  • [ – ] Roamancing reply So heartbreaking, so beautiful and so compassionate and empathetic.
  • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul reply That hit my heart so deeply Westley, it really did, so close to home, for I always see the suffering in others, the pain, their heart & soul...and while I try to reach, they're not within reach, thus, they don't see that I...get it...see, you always get me inspired to respond poetically lol! Such a great poem! <3
    • Westley_Nash parent reply Thanks Tiffany 😊 It's very happy d to sit & watch, but sometimes you just fear making it worse. But pain is in its own way art; so there that at least 😉
  • [ – ] Tillychan reply As if I was reading a book, or watching a love story, show or movie, I'm going to yell at the character. (yes instead of being those people who yell at horror movies, I yell at movie "kiss her you idiot" or him which ever depends, lol) so here is me yelling at the character of this poem "Well make her see you then, duh" lol okay im done being weird now.
    • [ – ] Westley_Nash parent reply It probably wouldn't work; I have it on good knowledge that he's a bit of a coward 😉 But yes, it's true. He / She who dares wins 👍
      • [ – ] Tillychan parent reply Oh yes very true those who don't have the courage, often later find themselves asking "why couldn't I just", but then at the same time if it is the right person they have affection, feelings, etc.. for that courage magically appears out of no where and they are no longer cowards. And I say this from the many relationships and people I have witness this happen to. I have also seen where one of the two change for the better of themselves, and that gave them both courage.. I have seen the others where they just shouldn't be together but neither have the courage to leave, but that's another topic.
  • [ – ] Englishman-in-Malta reply very nice xx
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