Just Got Hacked / Discontinue Youtube?

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  • [ – ] linktheinformer reply I'm really sorry to hear that. We all go through blah periods and just wanting to stop. It's sometimes a good idea to take a break. @ShinyBigBoo is right, there are lots of positive people on here! I wouldn't want to see someone stop creating who was having a good time before that. I hope you decide to keep creating. ^_^
    • [ – ] SpeedyGaming parent reply Dude, that makes me feel better. Thank you for being so encouraging. :)
      • [ – ] linktheinformer parent reply We're all here to support each other. That's what makes @Vidme so different from other platforms. There are of course always going to be those who are only in it for themselves. But I'm someone that really wants others to succeed...I'm doing everything I can to help others get noticed, and out there! You have a lot of heart. Please don't give up. i'm rooting for you! <3
        • SpeedyGaming parent reply Thank you so much @linktheinformer you all are so supportive on here. It really helps push me closely to getting back on the grind again. You are a fantastic man to come here and tell me how much you love my work.
  • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo reply I lose focus and motivation, too! Don't feel pressured to make new content... use it as a vent, and it will really feel good. But your creativity won't flow unless your life is in balance and you're happy! Keep reaching out, buddy. Why not switch to vidme...? There are a ton of very positive users on here. @linktheinformer ! Most of this stuff you have to figure out on your own, but... don't stop creating, even if it's other things you don't share with the world. I think creating is always a good thing. Just don't put financial pressure on your videos... that's what leads to burnouts for me, or at least has in past projects. the creative things I keep doing are for no financial compensation.
    • [ – ] SpeedyGaming parent reply Thank you so much for your support. It's hard being stressed as a creator, it really takes the fun out of making videos. But it's all part of life. I'll be sure to be back on the site soon when I am feeling refreshed. I was going through the YouTube videos outside of my channel and discovered people were moving their channels to vidme. I wanted to try and take advantage of this after learning that it's a growing website for growing creators like myself. Though I heard the rumors that creators with a huge fan base had much more of a reason to move back due to the monetization controversy. My content was user friendly and I don't really feel that threatened by YouTube's new monetization policy due to how small I am. I'll stick around on youtube, and I'll upload onto this website as well and try and cater to the new crew on vidme. Specific video vlogging to update my vidme followers on my latest videos. At least that's the plan. I am glad to be on vidme. Thanks so much for the follow. ...more And thanks for your understanding. My life has been under difficult financial strain and it's so good to hear from new vidizens like you encouraging me. :)
      • ShinyBigBoo parent reply :D okay! Though I vote you start fresh on vidme... just between you and I... vidme-exclusive content is what does best here, and uploading years' worth of old youtube content just drives down your upload:views ratio. and it's annoying for people who have notifications on for your channel... It's disappointing to wake up and see you have 40 new notifications from vidme because one of the people you follow uploaded a huge gaming series overnight... crossroads, for me, are always a point of self-renewal!! death, and afterlife! make new things and thrive, friend!
  • [ – ] thehappymarriedgamer reply Sorry dude that's horrible!
  • SpeedyGaming reply Thank you, I'll keep that in mind. :) I think most of the vidz you see are already on from the previous channel. So I uploaded everything I needed to on here. No more older videos once I get back on. 😁 though that's a good idea I could delete all the old vidz and just upload my new vids when I make them and just leave it at that. Though My idea was if I uploaded the old videos here. People from vidme could come looking at the same content I had on the other site. Vidme's search algorithm is so much better than Youtubes search it's all about finding the title. So if I took advantage of a certain game title than I am sure I will have the advantage on this site. Gain some searched views and possible followers from here was my main reason for posting on this website. I greatly appreciate the advice and I am pretty sure I'll consider it.
  • Roamancing reply Oh, that sucks. Sorry to hear that happened to you. If you have an urge to do something, do it, but do it for you, not for other people.
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