Chucking babies out of Windows

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  • Bobcat1967 reply From ten stories you're talking a speed of around 60mph! Given the weight of a small child this would probably kill or seriously injure the person trying to catch the child, not forgetting the fire, smoke and distance ( roughly 100 feet) it would be impossible to distinguish falling debris from falling children.
  • Brianthesnail reply LOL. Have a look here, the splat calculator....
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply did you see this video
    • [ – ] Hoaxashian parent reply propaganda , Muslims have been invited to the UK, all these problems are the total responsibility of the ruling elites who invite immigrants in and then frame them for things they didnt do or encourage them to commit crimes ( Masonic Police allow abuse of children and turn a blind eye to it) anyway the crimes of Muslims are insignificant compared to the destruction the West has created ,
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply well I don't see multicultural happening there, I see one group forcing all other groups out of those cities and towns just like what is going on world wide, so say what you like but all of them are guilty of violence and hate
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