Germany: Water Containers against Jihadis

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  • AndyOch reply I hate to have to keep saying this but allot of your watchers have to learn this. "Government Family" You know, the old Families that have controlled the licensing rights, shipping fees, import duties, tax systems are to blame. These old families have to be reduced if we are to gain control of the Games. I like the idea of having a pot. If you want to stand up and drill an oil well, fine these people 50% of all profits. They keep 50% and there are no taxes for purchased items of any sorts. This 50% pot that is collected it to be distributed in equal shares to the citizens of that country in the form of a direct deposit that they can spend at their leisure. If they want to lie around and save this cash for years and then open there own business, GREAT! That is how it should be done. Not too many people van save for years and start their own business like Eurosapiens, so that is why we always land on top. The governments are just becoming very shitty. They cause all of these problems bec...moreause the general population gets smarter. The smarter the population, the more problems the "Government" has to create to balance the power. The government rewrites history every 30 years while the populous is alive to control them. In 100 years, they Negroids will have stormed the beaches of Normandy and single handedly one the last world war…lol! If it had gone the other way, we would be living on Mars right now and exploring the solar system.
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    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Thank you for tese links. Europe is being destroyed intentionally by subversive elements. I try my best to make as many videos as possible. Sure, I myself am biased and have my own political opinion, just like everybody else has. The thing is, that these conditions that we have all over Europe are being masqueraded by lots of the authorities and fake MSM journalist-actors.
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply What is going on with the election in Deutschland? I cannot find any corroborating data, almost as if they are now fudging the internet too! I liked Frauke Petry myself. I mean who needs Merkel. She is taking all of the credit for the financial situation in Deutschland! The Germans do not need government because they save all of their cash and pay outright for everything. That is why Germany controls the EU! The Volk need a better leader. One that will not open the boarders to free loaders. White people cannot save the world. There are 3.28 Negroid type people on Earth and twice that many that would kill us and take our property, so why save one? For a warm and tingly-feeling that will last to the end of the day? Shit!
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Either Merkel or Schulz will be the next German Chancellor, sadly. This is a fact. The election will take place on September 24. I will link an article in the English language
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