To Vidme: Be open & honest

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  • BookSmart reply It's really odd that a group of people is trying to make Vidme its home and they're shoeing them away.
  • [ – ] GregorianGangsta reply If this website also doesn't allow freedom of speech I will find out soon enough, and if it doesn't I will look for another site. This is exactly why I am migrating away from youtube.
  • MirrorBLK reply τнε §μρЯεмε ςøμЯτ μηαη1мø짣¥ Ðες1ÐεÐ τнατ "нατε §ρεεςн" 1§ α ƒα££ας¥ ƒøЯ τнε εxαςτ Яεα§øη ¥øμ мεητ1øη нεЯε. τø qμøτε ʝμ§τ1ςε αητнøη¥ κεηηεÐ¥; "α £αШ ƒøμηÐ τø Ð1§ςЯ1м1ηατε βα§εÐ øη √1εШρø1ητ 1§ αη 'εGЯεg1øμ§ ƒøЯм øƒ ςøητεητ Ð1§ςЯ1м1ηατ1øη,' Шн1ςн 1§ 'ρЯε§μмρτ1√ε£¥ μηςøη§τ1τμτ1øηα£.' … α £αШ τнατ ςαη βε Ð1ЯεςτεÐ αGα1η§τ §ρεεςн ƒøμηÐ øƒƒεη§1√ε τø §øмε ρøЯτ1øη øƒ τнε ρμβ£1ς ςαη βε τμЯηεÐ αgα1η§τ м1ηøЯ1τ¥ αηÐ Ð1§§εητ1η9 √1εШ§ τø τнε ÐετЯ1мεητ øƒ α££. τнε ƒ1Я§τ αмεηÐмεητ Ðøε§ ηøτ εητЯμ§τ τнατ ρøШεЯ τø τнε 9ø√εЯηмεητ’§ βε...moreηε√ø£εηςε. 1η§τεαÐ, øμЯ Яε£1αηςε мμ§τ βε øη τнε §μβ§ταητ1α£ §αƒε9μαЯЧ øƒ ƒЯεε αηÐ øρεη Ð1§ς짧1øη 1η α ÐεмøςЯατ1ς §øς1ετ¥." √1Ð.мε, Ш1τн мαη¥ øτнεЯ ςøмραη1ε§, 1§ ρ£α¥1ηG Ш1τн ƒ1Яε. мø§τ μηШ1§ε.
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply The only issue I have with VidMe is that I think views should rank you higher than "upvotes". Just my opinion though.
  • [ – ] r2funnyofficial reply black ops 1 best game ever made
  • Rayman327 reply I feel Vidme doesn't fully support content creators that have political views, they rather be looked at as a site for gaming, tech, or vlog videos then standing up for free speech. It's a shame really, they have a golden opportunity here for them to take a stand against censorship, but it boils down to what they want the image of Vidme to be. At anytime Vidme can remove videos they deemed having "hate speech" which is written In their community guidelines.
  • perfectstorm6 reply That's a shame if Vidme are doing this. I've only just joined this site because of all the censorship on YT, and I like to hear *all* views, whether I agree with them or not.
  • Kentantino reply oh welcome to vidme no freedom of speech at all XD
  • Kentantino reply they always do this if they feel is drama or will bring problems they will take them down lol. they have done it in the past lol the hate any drama.
  • Tealdove reply That really sucks. I hope that Vidme doesn't just become youtube 2.0
  • mumhustlar reply Dude this video is barely flowing. Keeps stuttering. None of the other videos are buffering like this.....
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