That Sensei lady, still spewing hateful absolutisms

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  • Hunlie reply Nonsense.....that's what I call her, she's a horrible racist cunt, who's opinions are frankly worthless and who's general intelligence is questionable best! I fully support her right to free speech.....but shit dude, that doesn't mean I'm going to listen to anything the silly bugga has to say, as far as I'm concerned she can go and flap her gums to the wind for all I care
  • Chiguy71 reply She may have the right to speak her mind. But she thinks that all white people are racist. But the reason why a majority of white people do not like black people is for the way they act. And also when she said something about white privilege. Well what about black privilege? What about all the perks they can get like going to college and getting public aide. When white people have to prove that they are poor and blacks do not have to prove that they are poor. They get things handed to them and they cry about it. I call people like the Government Cry Babies. They are crying and our government is baby them. I am not a racist but I can't stand it when blacks people think this way.
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