Hands-on with Google's new Photos service - The Verge

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  • yaosio reply If anybody is wondering what's going on, The Verge is filled with incompetent rubes. They thought they were reviewing Google Photos and instead reviewed Google+ Photos. They took down the original video and somebody put up a mirror here. There is no way they could have gotten the two apps confused, so it's pretty obvious they did this on purpose and thought their audience are a bunch of idiots. To be fair, they are right, but they assumed nobody else would have watched the video.
  • demondevelopers reply Great work Verge! Review the old version of the app and not the brand new one just released at I/O.
  • Dubardo reply Soooo basically the same shit G+ Photo was already doing for the last 2 years...
  • BUDDAKHAN reply Soooo basically the same shit iPhoto or any photo app on apple does
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