TV Trash: 222 - Dumbest Power Rangers Moments

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  • Scsigs reply Part of the problems with the Turbo movie stemmed from David Yost abruptly leaving the series, so they couldn't use the Billy stuff they wrote in the movie's original script. With the schedule they were under for finishing Zeo, shooting the Turbo movies, & figuring out how to adapt Carranger into Turbo, I'm surprised it didn't all completely fall apart at the seams.
  • Scsigs reply You don't know that Japan uses English phrases, numbers, colors, & some other things as loanwords, do you, rowdy? Seriously, if you watch ANY show or movie in the original Japanese with subtitles from there, you pick up that fact, since Japanese people LOVE to put English loanwords into their scripts. Seriously, dude, you don't even have to ask SENTAI fans about that. Ask anyone who's into anime, or knows the Japanese language or trends & you'll see that it's a lot more common for them to take English loanwords & such than you might think.
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