Star Citizen: Multicrew featuring the MISC Starfarer!

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  • [ – ] NamelessHollow reply I hope it is 3 people per escape pod. What do mean by one of the smaller large ships? I personally don't care how long the videos are if you cover everything you set out to cover. How freaking big are these ships going to get? What is the railgun limit? Will you be able to form your own space navy? I would love to see a whole fleet of ships in pitched battle. I wonder as well if you will be able to play as the alien races and not just interact with them.
    • [ – ] XtremeTuberVII parent reply There are going to be ships that will be mind blowingly large in scale. I'm going to cover more in my upcoming videos, but now to get on to more of your questions! This ship is 100 meters long, there are ships that are smaller, but in the next video you're going to see gigantic ships. You will be able to form your own space navy if you have enough friends, or enough money to hire NPCs. I think the railgun limit is going to be.... based on the ship itself. Ships are classified by size, as are hardpoints. Railguns tend to be on ships that are 100 meters in length or more.
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