ANTIFA act up Parliament hill

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  • Rita_MissOginy reply Excellent point by CrossWare. I will quote that. (Just a little quibble tho, : 6 million Jews I believe). As to the face-coverings these Neo-Fascists-Neo-Nazis wear: I am always thinking: do they emulate veiled muslim women in order to perhaps have a chance to become a Jihadi bride ? We know ISIS and assorted jihadis are not very discriminating when it comes to sex.....gender, race, species ....any willing or unwilling port of call will do.
  • CrossWare reply I grew up behind the Iron Curtain. The Communists are way more guilty than Nazis ever been. This is how the murder Olympics look like: Bronze = Nazis (5million Jew, 62 million altogether in WW2) Silver = Communists (100 million and counting) Gold = Islam (280 million and counting quickly) Now the Silver and Gold medalist decided to ally themselves to set a new record!
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