Keemstar Talks Crap on Vidme?

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  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Dude, Keemstar is one pathetic motherfucker. I never liked that arrogant son of a bitch, he is a hypocrite and a Racist Pig, he has a massive ego, and I think fame has gotten to his thick skull. Him and youtube will go down to oblivion.
    • [ – ] Oni-Kun18 parent reply Ok, he's arrogant and immature, but not racist. Just because he said nigger all those years ago, doesn't mean he's one. An actual racist does more than say that word. Also keep in mind that in the stream site he said that in, everyone is always trash talking each other.
      • [ – ] Trooper_McTrooper parent reply I'd say it's not enough information publicly available to say if he is or not a racist. He has said other things besides the the N-word which some can view as racist and others as simply being an ignorant troll. I for one never used racial slurs to trash talk but there are people who do. He does seem to be a bigot though, especially from some of his older twitter altercations.
    • VoidIntl parent reply He makes me laugh That's about it.
  • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames reply That shit stain can stay in his sewage pit on YouTube. We don't need his bullshit over here.
    • MrATAndreiThomas parent reply I have to agree with you bro, for all of a sudden, Keemstar is nothing but a great choking stench of youtube's Bullshit. Fuck Keemstar.
  • [ – ] SaharaMist reply Keemstar loves to exploit peoples' misfortunes and has no qualms about it. Love hearing your take on this.
  • [ – ] OWNtheNWO reply Everyone in chat say Alex is a friendly guy.
  • KotaTail reply Keemstar is that type of person to make YouTube videos in the middle of his MidLife Crisis because he thinks he's that tough kid back in High School, starting up shit because he thinks that he can. He thinks it's mature to settle everything out by either suing, or challenging a fight, when in reality it makes him a pussy for not controlling his bald red-head at the heat of the moment behind a screen. He doesn't even realize that the shit that he is doing is going to affect his child someday if he just keeps acting like he is at the moment.
  • snazzyatoms reply I moved here from YouTube because of how the small guys dont get seen.
  • [ – ] top10archives reply We'll take the 8-year-old's birthday party with the good crowd over YouTube's desire to alienate their smaller creators. Even if YouTube were to backtrack on its latest round of changes, the community has changed a great deal since we started in 2012.
    • [ – ] Apepresident parent reply A big youtuber praising the small vidme community so much ... how awesome can you be <3??
      • top10archives parent reply Well, they more than deserve it. We know how hard it is to put yourself out there and just kind of... hope for the best. It's a tiring uphill battle these days and a lot of devoted, hard working creators are never going to be realized. Big or small, we all kinda have to work together in whatever capacity we can.
  • [ – ] shogunofgaming reply Hey this 8 year old party lit asf keem can stay over there
  • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames reply Keemstar can shove his head up an elephant's ass and blow.
  • JennyFedora reply I hear that Billy Idol still occasionally performs at Birthday Parties.
  • [ – ] Blackphoenix reply We don't need keemstar, we don't want drama.
    • Mithmasa parent reply Unfortunately, if YouTube sinks, we'll inherit a lot of it. If YouTube does reach it's tipping point and the big creators abandon ship and come to Vidme (which they likely will), you can totally expect videos concerning "where YouTube went wrong and what Vidme can do to avoid the same fate" to be covering the hot page in the following weeks because you know the big creators are going to be all over that topic. That's what Vidme will need to prepare most for in my opinion. If that ends up happening though, I hope the Vidme team take the Vidme topic (or those sorts of "Vidme vs YouTube" videos) off the hot section temporarily so all the big guys can settle down and start building their home once again and so viewers aren't starved for watchable content.
  • DGTLONE reply As a small creator on YT i can tell you yes it's destroying small channels . My channel lost almost all of it's commercials and ads . so ya your absolutely right . GG on the honest talk and hope we all come thru this without to many of the great smaller channels going down. Peace DGTLONE
  • BiGEd5 reply Keemstar and leafy are the cancer of YouTube
  • DatWhiteguyJ reply "Memestar has sponsors" that's the part that triggers me most
  • SamEarl13 reply You need to be really stuck up not to at least check this site out considering it literally lets you port over YouTube content really easily. Problem is him (and some other big YouTubers) seem to think they have power and can demand respect which won't work here.
  • PurpleHelmet1978 reply And as for YouTube and large creators look what they are doing to H3H3 - clearly satire and not offensive, yet being sneakily demonetized. Damn shame as Ethan and Hila seem like real genuine people. YouTubes treatment of its creators small and large is outrageous; that's why Im checking this place out... Like what I see so far!
  • PurpleHelmet1978 reply Great video buddy! I'm new here so just trying to learn the ropes :-) Keem... It took me a long time to warm to his humour, I do think most of what he does is an act and trying yo work the system, using controversy as a tool... He isn't the first, and won't be the last. I do enjoy most of his stuff if I'm honest and if he comes here then fair enough... Let em hang as he grows.
  • [ – ] Chicknwings reply If he doesn't understand what the point of this site is, then that's his problem. Start up sites have to have something to grow from, and the talent will come.
    • Apepresident parent reply There is already a lot of talent over here at vidme. The one thing this site is still lacking is more exposure but we're getting there.
  • DennisK1979 reply Yea we don't need Keemstar here on Vidme...
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