Uncovering the Darkness Episode #3

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  • [ – ] fancyfig reply syria is more concerning, because russian, turkish, and american planes are all flying in each other's air space, all with conflicting agendas, if there's even an accident between them it could start off a self perpetuating cycle of doom. for this reason it's actually really good to have a president who's friends with putin, even if you hate him, and even if you hate putin.
  • fancyfig reply i wouldn't worry about ww3 in the east. north korea has missiles and it has nukes, that doesn't mean that it has nuclear missiles. that actually takes a little more sophistication, and if they only have nukes that need to be dropped from airplanes, a bomber can be shot down before it ever crosses the border. if not we still have missile intercepting missiles which can blow them up over the ocean. as for china, it's whole economy is based around us consumerism and allot of their investments are in the us, so if they ever got cut off from that they would instantly implode.
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