MYFAROG Gameplay - The Mines of SwartaR: Part I (d)

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  • [ – ] HammerOfDoom reply Love watching these games, hope more are uploaded.
    • [ – ] BalrogsAndBagginses parent reply Btw, do you like the background music? or do you find it distracting to the gameplay?
      • HammerOfDoom parent reply I enjoy a good ambient music in the background that fits the setting, whatever that setting or situation may be. So I did not find it distracting, but would only suggest to have a range of ambient music pieces at your disposal and not just use the same one in every video, because that might become stale after tens of videos but wouldnt be a problem if the music pieces changed from time to time. Overall I think the idea is a good one and would like to see/'hear' it continue.
    • BalrogsAndBagginses parent reply Thanks, HammerOfDoom. Oh yes, there is a part II and part III (I have to segment the videos until I become a verified member..) and tomorrow I am running part IV.
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