What Are The Sounds In The Sky

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  • willybear68 reply The end is nigh! Repent your sins! Oh, hang on, that was last weekend. Haha. No, seriously, repent.
  • TheGhostWatch reply Great video, I have heard of these sky sounds or "sky trumpets" and they are eerie. I did notice that all of these clips were taken on cloudy or stormy days. Maybe that factors into this unusual phenomenon. Or maybe it is the rapture, oh crap.
  • pika_lover reply it can be a distant star about to go super nova and destroy 1/3 of humans
  • Asomejuan reply They say it's just a disturbance in space static sounds of satellites.
  • R3d3mp710nX reply Russia is known to have Scalar weapons (Light/Time/Distance Manipulation). So does the USA, they call it HAARP in the US, & The Wood-Pecker in RU. The thing about these secretive weapons is, they can transmit to any location on earth without satellites, based on Tesla's Ionospheric signal bouncing theory... sort of like bouncing the Que Ball off the bank to sink a target ball without hitting any of the other balls in the game of Pool. With this in mind, they also send sounds to any targeted locations on the planet that is NOT heard by anyone else near by, who is outside of the signal spot beam. The signal beam is tuned to the same frequency that the human ear converts real sounds to in order to communicate with the hearing synaptic receptor in the brain. This method directly bypasses the human ear, penetrating the body... directly stimulating the hearing synaptic receptor. Sound heard via this method causes people to think it's coming from the sky, because it's not echoing off walls ne...morext to them, nor does it come with any indication of sound source... left, right, behind you, or where ever... people have even Dubbed it "The Voice of God".
  • MudanTV reply sky whales, lol, how can there be whales in the sky if the world is flat and sky is a lie
  • YourSugoiStrwbry reply Sure we aren't in an irl version of inception? They sound kind of alike
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