Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Story Discussion (Talking Spoilers)

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  • [ – ] POVincent reply I remember seeing this show back in the day and thinking it was pretty cool. It was in the vain of Power Rangers, but seemed to be going for a slightly older audience, because the tone felt a little more serious at times. However, I found the switch from Kit to Adam to be jarring. I love redemption stories. If done right, they can moving, inspirational, and entertaining. Problem for me is that we had been following Kit the whole time and to suddenly switch focus to Adam for the remainder of the season felt like a cheat. Sure, Kit does return and get his own Kamen Rider powers, but the focus remains on Adam, with Kit becoming more of a supporting character. Still, not a bad series and I would have liked to have seen a second season.
    • [ – ] David_Ryatta parent reply Yeah.. I liked that they tried to evolve the character but they could that if they make their own footage to go along with it. From when Adam became a main character he was paired with Wing Knight which had them at odds like in the Ryuki footage while Onyx and Swan footage was original so they always were pared together. It was weird having half the cast back as hero characters but they were just always at the whim of the footage and I liked that they tried to play against it by seemingly killing characters off early on when that didn't happen in the Japanese show
      • [ – ] POVincent parent reply Yeah, shows like that always have the challenge of adapting the original footage, to fit the new U.S. footage. Sometimes it works and sometimes it hurts the story.
        • [ – ] David_Ryatta parent reply They wanted to do so much more original stuff but unfortunately their budget was about 1/4 of a typical Power Rangers series so they had to use as much footage as possible else they may have abandoned the Dragon Knight suit almost completely and not bothered with forcing Adam into the main cast as much.. they also would have given every rider new bikes maybe a few more civilian fights
          • [ – ] POVincent parent reply That is a shame that the company didn't back up the people working on the show, that wanted to make it the best it could be.
            • [ – ] David_Ryatta parent reply I'm somewhat certainly the company was director and his brother. they were both experienced directors but I don't know how well they were at business.. but I think they were backing on the series being successful to get further investment as they originally planned to do a movie after the first series ended.. they also had the series they adapted forced on them as they originally wanted a smaller cast. but more riders meant more toys to sell
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