Is Jupiter A Failed Star?

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  • wearegods reply Manipulate the Higgs Field to produce a synthetic black hole or via the creation of a rather large kugelblitz and throw that inside Jupiter, it'll theoretically start fusion and become a second sun.
  • [ – ] Strobilus reply You can't just call Jupiter a failed star because it has some materials Sol has. Jupiter would have to be one hundred times bigger to even become a red dwarf. That is like saying Sol is a planet because it orbits around the Milky Way. Good quality video though.
    • [ – ] Astronomic parent reply I think the main point of the video was to say that just because you have the same composition of a star, does not mean that you become a star. There are different factors and variables that going into it. By understanding this process more, we learn about how planets and star are created. Thanks for the great comment! πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ»
      • [ – ] Strobilus parent reply Thanks for not taking that offensively, keep up the decent content! Also, I am saying decent because everything is animated like Kurzgesagt's content on YouTube.
        • Astronomic parent reply To be honest, if you have a question, query or anything to add-on to the video, don’t hesitate to comment ;-) Ah Kurzgesagt, one of the best. Also thanks for the support. Really appreciate that! :-)
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