Vloggo #01 - Explaining Myself

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  • [ – ] mintteamew reply This is going to be a mess of a comment. There is a lot of unrealistic pressure on YouTube. On YouTube there are a lot of people who get a rush from ruining someone elses day. I like where you said that you're not going to alter yourself to fit into a mold of some super pro gamer, I think that it's important to stay true to yourself. I also hope vidme NEVER gets a downvote button, I like the idea of if you liked it upvote, if you didn't like it move on. I agree about your comment about watching gamers that have the game memorized is a little boring - you're right, no real reaction to the content of the game. I'm glad you're here on vidme Kin!
    • [ – ] KinTailFox parent reply Thanks Mew, there really is a lot of pressure and it's been giving me the idea that I need to move pretty soon. I basically want to be myself and experience things in my own way and if that's not for some people they really do not need to watch, if they enjoy it they can stick around and enjoy it with me. I'm really happy to be here especially because of awesome people like you. If you ever wanna do a gaming thing, shoot me a message. I'm down :3
      • [ – ] mintteamew parent reply Yeah best not to let people try to fit you into a "you should be" box, especially if it kills the fun in something you enjoy. I really like your content because it's you - maybe that's one of the coolest things about creating content and watching others content you get to know people from all around the globe and they get to know you. For me, it's the best feeling ever to meet nice people like you on vidme. I'll for sure want to do a gaming thing! When I get a proper set up you, @Tiddliwinks , and I could totally figure something out! :D
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