shadow's Rant Corner #15 Current Gen issues in general

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  • [ – ] pickyoldgamer reply Good rant video. I have had a ps4 from day 1 and then bought the Xbox One 6 months later and the 8th gen consoles kind of suck ass. The ps4 been overall a nice console, fast to boot up and runs well UNTIL a goddamn patch breaks stuff. My buddy and I last year, for a whole month could not get online together. We got a NAT error, networking error. Playstation forums had this issue being reported and nobody talked about; well I did a video. Buddy and I could game on pc via steam or, 100% fine. Then a patch came out (sony sucks ass with no patch notes) and POOF works. -_- Yeah the Xbox One on day one years ago I had to patch it AND when I put a blu ray in the player app downloads. Super fast, but still the function wasn't there. Now I am not defending sony or microsoft, but I THINK what is going on is a licensing issue Bluray/dvd players are just made to play stuff, out of the box but game consoles with os's like these need to get the license and then from there on...more out it is ok. Not sure why, but it is bullshit. I am gaming on my pc more now, need just a new nvidia card this year sometime and Iwill be way ahead of the consoles. I said last year I thought of doing nintendo switch/pc and it looks like I am. I can't wait to play games on the switch and no installs. Good video.
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply yup I also feel you men how frustrating the current gen consoles are
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