DOORS - and holding them for people.

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  • VioletPracticalHelp reply Hilarious. The worst is when you hold the door and then they act like you were supposed to!
  • A4EProject reply Door courtesy and merging in traffic are two of life's first world problems that chip away at me the most.
  • GoldenGreek reply I relate to this
  • [ – ] USUandS reply I'm definitely the foothold and push - the push is very useful if you see a group of people heading towards the door and don't want to stand there for a week.
  • WolfandRaptor reply sometimes you get that other guy who gets to the door just before you and you wanna be polite and hold it for them instead but they say "oh it's fine, i got it" and you just say "okay thanks" but on the inside you are like "... that jerk took my job >:c "
  • jmortonmarvel reply Blue helpfulness is a great superhero name.
  • MightyMediocreMan reply You mean there are others like me where life is like a freakin' Seinfeld episode? All this door stuff is so true. You're welcome!
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