Will We REALLY Understand..."One Day?"

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  • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia reply Wow some fascinating things to think about. You've inspired me to make a video about my thoughts on these issues. That'll be coming at some stage soon. In short, I'd say you're right, if you go to heaven you probably do lose all your memories of your previous life. It's the same dynamic of religions who believe in reincarnation, if you were to be reincarnated you would have no memories of a previous life. And then you have to decide... losing all your memories, is that essentially what death is? and if the soul goes on, how do we come to terms with the fact that the soul goes on but the memories do not, our memories are our identity. I could spin that many diffferent ways so it'll be a fascinating video when I get the time to do it. I had a mixed religious upbringing, as a result I am very open minded to most religions.
    • MrJoelDee parent reply I'll be very anxious to see the video. I'm very open minded too. I was pretty much raised beibg taught one religion, but after I got older I just sort of began to think about different things that just sort of popped into my head. I'm glad you brought up reincarnation. I'm open to that possibility too. There used to be a tv show, I forget the name now, and it being tv you kinda have to take it with a grain of salt as often times people will tell any story for money, but it featured children who apparently had told their parents of living a past life. I know too that kids can have a vivid imagination sometimes, but it was very compelling and fascinating and made you think nonetheless.
  • [ – ] November_Fox reply I believe that yes being in Heaven or whatever you may believe the afterlife to be may bring up sad memories. For instance, I may be reminded about my mother's death (I too lost my mother many years ago) and be saddened by the memory. However, I would then rejoice knowing I'm now where she is and can finally see her again.
    • MrJoelDee parent reply I can see that may be the case. I'm totally open to all points of view. That had been in my mind for awhile, especially last night for some reason, and I thought, well, I'll just talk about that for my next vlog tomorrow and maybe see what some other thoughts are. Sometimes something kinda deep just hits my brain and I can't shake it til I talk to others about it.
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