Emergency Call Ambulance - The Right to Bear Bears - MCIHAD

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  • [ – ] JonboyGames reply Awesome, you guys are on here now too.
    • MCIHAD parent reply Yeah, we've been on here almost a year now. I think we're still featured in the "featured" tab.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Very strange looking game, good that it wasn't trying to be super realistic but watching all the random car accidents (especially that suicidal ambulance) was really weird. I wonder if the game would get far crazier if you hacked it (to make you and the traffic much faster or something).
    • MCIHAD parent reply You know I often wonder about things like that myself. I have to assume that the other things were scripted events that couldn't be altered. But if they could be, I wonder what they would end up doing.
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