Hillary Clinton learns nothing blames Russia, Comey & Wikileaks| The Millennial Revolt

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  • freerangehobo reply I love your enthusiasm. There is so much wrong with Hillary it would take a series of segments like yours to scratch the surface. One of the most outstanding of her background, is the fact that she really hates black people, and has been able to gather their support making them believe she had their best interests in mind. Little do they know, even now, that their beloved Democratic Party has kept them in economic and academic suppression since the abolishment of slavery. They're still slaves by their own choices of leadership.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Bernie Sanders wife Under Federal Investigation Over Banking Fraud!!!! watch?v=KmCUFUJ86rQ
  • ClimatePonziLie reply These Women are trying to get the Muslim Brotherhood declared a terrorist organizations _____ UNMASKED: Brigitte Gabriel Exposes The Muslim Brotherhood watch?v=c0B-KUwpPj8 ______ ALSO ______ Michelle Bachman Exposes How the Muslim Brotherhood Has Taken Over US Government watch?v=XSexWR-JrJo
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Trump Surrounded - Michael Del Rosso, 1605 watch?v=VXiJI1QF9os Trudeau been giving Billions of dollars to various organization's, Much of his cabinet is Islamic and they have passed bill M-103 I'd like to know how Justin Trudeau is tied up with George Soros and the Muslim brotherhood.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Photo shopped and the Lying Main Stream Media used them knowing full well that they were Photo shopped. The media is owned in large part by foreign money. They are the ones that have tried to subvert the elections around the world.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Hillary is followed by scandles and mysterious murders watch on VIDME _____ clinton Associates' Suicides Too Many To Be Coincidence [MIRROR] _______ Hillary says she is back means she is trying to suck some stupid people from more of their money. Clinton Foundation. FBI Arrests Chinese Millionaire Once Tied to Clinton $$ Scandal. Chelsey Clinton husband refuses to apologize to investors yesterday - despite losing nearly $25 million of their money. Clinton foundation and the Clinton Laureate International Universities Bill Clinton speaking obscene speaking fees. Hillary Clinton Superdelegate Indicted On Fraud And Conspiracy. Bill Clinton Whitewater. It was the Democrats that supported slavery also. President Lincoln 16th president was a Republican. Even Bernie Sanders wife Under Federal Investigation Over Banking Fraud!!!! watch?v=KmCUFUJ86rQ
  • Angry-Quad reply No Accountablity
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