Solstafir - Berdreyminn ALBUM REVIEW

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  • Lielikesmusic1 reply Never heard of those guys no. But i'll give them a listen soon. Never really listened to any type of folklore music before. Manly? Hahah. Alright. Thank you for watching my video btw! It means a lot 👍😃
  • JannaJonna reply I listened their songs from spotify (never heard before this video) and I am not quite sure do I like it yet. I think it needs more tasting to find all the elements. But definitely going to try, they have a interesting way of do music and I love hearing different languages. Have you ever listened Corvus Corax? It is not metal (more like folklore) but pretty manly. Especially their album Sverker is something I have been really obsessed for a long time :)
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