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  • [ – ] BenjiJames reply I feel ya, man. I, myself, have also been homeless. I was forced out of home and into the crazy world at 14 yrs old, not only to keep myself in school full time, but to pay for that schooling, get work, find a home - wherever that may've been at the time, etc etc. Life can be a cruel asshole... but if you know how to balance yourself, and come to terms with what actually matters in life, you can achieve ANYTHING! I've accumulated what i have from - believe it or not - items i've found that people have thrown away, or items that i've found being sold for $1 or $2 at the salvation army, like the shelves you see in my backdrop. Everything i've got has been passed on to me from friends i've come across who no longer want those things, or don't care for them anymore. I pride myself on being where i am today, and i've gotten here through my life experiences. It might not seem like it on the surface, but it's been a hard road chuggin' along. The fact that the world has become the way it has, ...morehas me itch to wana help others in some way, shape, or form... whether it be in videos i make online, or sit down and chat to a someone who clearly looks like they could use an ear or hear them out. Cutting the story short - i'm still alive, and that's what i give a shit about. Definitely followed, broheem!
    • UnauthorizedExpression parent reply The thing ppl seem to be lacking today is perspective. I think everyone can benefit from being hungry and having to rely on the good nature of others to survive. Overall I think being homeless was a good life lesson.
  • UnauthorizedExpression reply So much edit fail in this video.
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