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  • [ – ] 75ncw reply NICE!!!
    • LadyK parent reply Thanks so much for the comment! And thanks for the support in sharing this video.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Impressive locomotive, were their real passengers in those carriages or was it just maintenance staff, gee I wish I was there. OK how did you get home after you lost your keys in the ocean LoL you can't say something like that and just leave it unfinished, come on let's talk about it. Notebook entry1: Return to College Exploration video, credit @LadyK for a brilliant VLOG idea. So much memories to recapture. I just hope the buildings are still there. Do not touch the fish!
    • LadyK parent reply Yes, there were passengers on the train. They were on their way to Norfolk, Virginia. The steam locomotive made a stop that entire weekend. The movie director, Steven Spielberg made the famous Oscar movie, 'Lincoln' there in Old Town Petersburg. President Lincoln DID in real life make a stop there. The students are out for the summer, so I thought I'd go to the campus to visit my old stomping ground. I had a French class in the brick building. Which is why I was peeking around. I had to get the National park staff at the beach to let me use their phone. I called a tow truck to get me and my vehicle to take it to a Honda Dealership in Virginia Beach. I saw no carp in the pond that day. I will go again and film them. Glad you like the vlog. 😁
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