Xbox One X Too Expensive?

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  • [ – ] Kirsche reply It's a good price. Xbox One released at the same price point $499.99. Great video.
  • [ – ] EquallyWorthless reply I think all of the consoles are not expensive enough. Something that I wish more people were accepting of, is the actual price of the things they buy. What I mean is, a larger upfront cost and not price gouging on smaller parts and services. That's why there's paid online on consoles but not PC. Consoles tend to be sold at a loss or very little profit. This has to be made up somewhere else. This is unnecessary on PC because PC players pay the full upfront cost of 4k gaming if they choose to. Online on the consoles costs, what, sixty a year? If you pay for the privilege of online play for five years, that's $300. You might as well have spent that seven or eight hundred on a PC. I'd much rather pay seven or eight hundred on a 4k console, or four or five hundred on a 1080p console, and not have online and other features behind a paywall. I realize I'm in a minority here. The confused mothers who buy these consoles and M rated games for their eight-year-olds are more put off by a highe...morer price tag than a lower price tag plus hidden fees that add up to more than the higher price tag. I'm just the kind of person who buys one $40 belt instead of five ten dollar belts.
    • InvertedReality parent reply First off, thanks so much for taking the time to write this and respond! And you make a pretty solid point for sure, I hadn't really thought of it like that. Console makers make their money on the extra stuff they sell, whether it's more expensive games, DLC packs, in game add ons, etc. At the end of the day, it just depends on who they are trying to sell this to, and I'm not even sure Microsoft knows the audience they are gunning for. Paywalls can definitely be annoying for content like online access, and there hasn't been a ton of benefits shown for paying for it so far. I'd like to see Sony/Microsoft do more with that money, but for now it's a necessity. We are working on building a machine so we can move to the PC market, but that takes money :) Thanks so much again for watching and putting thought into what you had to say!
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