I Hate Missing and upload!

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  • [ – ] Silentwisher reply I totally understand how you feel. I try and put out a video each day on my gaming channel and one a week on my personal channel. That's on YouTube. However I'm currently at my for vidme right now. I wish they would hurry up and verify me LOL. The other thing that sucks is where I live I have totally crappy Internet so I have to rely on Wi-Fi from my phone to upload my videos which is not ideal.
  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply I love the thumbnail man, lol. Great video as always too. I love seeing a fellow creator so passionate about making videos. I love making them too. My days are just so repetitive and usually so busy that I feel people don't wanna see my same ol same ol day in and day out. Take your camera to the gym and show us your workout routine. Just a thought. Your channel is one of the ones I follow religiously. May miss a day or 2 here and there but I always get caught up. I do miss when people who upload consistently miss a day, but I also understand too that sometimes life takes priority. It's hard I know, I've tried before. Some days despite's loving what you do, it can be hard to get motivated. Lots of things can come into play. Anyway, I think you do a great job man, and you know I'll keep watching.
  • [ – ] nodetact reply It's not that it's too personal or that I am trying to avoid manipulatively discussing my own channel (like I've done on select other comments prior; give my activity history a reel if you dare to come back without watching all two videos on the channel too, lol) on Stephan's, but I'd rather be able to do what's he's done here himself, and actually tell my followers - however the Hell I managed to loose AND gain them over the course of time I was gone - in my own words what I went through and what I think now would be best for myself and my content creations. Don't worry too much about either of those things though, but for now this is basically my logging for weekly schedule mishaps: -one video for Q3 of July was because I was brainstorming at least one ending to Project Tether so that I could begin writing it -one video for Q4 of July was because I guess I legitimately felt that because I was already behind that I could relax and move on -one video for Q1 of August was because I was...more putting pressure on when I thought was best for M.O.V.E.S. to premiere, but haha -one video for Q2 of August was because I started to realize how uncomfortable I was with making videos in secret AND hard -one video for Q3 of August was because mom spontaneously helped me quit WBL to re-enroll back into community college -one video for Q4 of August was because I ultimately felt unmotivated, low energy and overall troubled with everything A douchebaggerly justifying yet resourcefully optimistic idea of mine was that whenever I start uploading again, is basically just to have an "upload allowance" whereas I privilege my channel with any given week to upload more than once that week, which can numerate up to the average weekly uploads of 48-52 per year that I promised. It is relatively OCD and even not necessary whatsoever in the eyes of those of you that want the best for me, but if commenting on Vidme helped me in ways professional therapy would have been expensive to pay for (and believe me, I have written beautiful comments during the darkest of times), then perhaps content creating on a balanced yet consistent basis should reap the benefits that unironically would in turn help me out in any other endeavor other than having an online presence. If this entire comment bellows "attention whore", then hear me out: If you don't know whether content creating or commenting is your thing, you don't have to be @HeroicVillain and have a comments only Vidme account, and you most definitely don't have to do what I did, which was comment controversial/constructive/contemplative/etc. things for months on end with the intention of eventually in due time running a dedicated channel with a mixed variety of extremely fantastic videos and blockbuster worthy series. Just be yourself, and I swear, even if you get a hard time from others saying that you don't comment with much thought or frequently enough in different categories, with the inverse that you don't make decent videos or change up your creative ideas for any of them, that you can't please everyone, and that while it helps if you love your own work, you only need to love yourself, and the rest follows in. Maybe then we may all find a way to not hurt ourselves all too much about tripping over and betraying these upload schedules. ~Tony/nodetact
    • HeroicVillain parent reply Hi, @nodetact Nice to see you.
    • [ – ] StefanJenkins parent reply Hi Not sure what you mean here? Are you asking how to talk about you channel without losing followers?
      • [ – ] nodetact parent reply *but yeah, to answer your question, i was just kind of cautious yet also curious when throwing it out here on your latest video, on the flexible basis that if i really wanted to keep in touch with my fan base, the best surefire way becomes more times than not just talking about it, taking baby steps, and not feeling so distant.
        • [ – ] StefanJenkins parent reply Yup talking about it bit by bit is the best way. :) try not to talk about it all time.
          • nodetact parent reply If you're mean only enough to lament the insecurities and fix the problems without having it so constant that it backfires and then overwhelms the decent quality of the channel then I totally agree. On my end of things I ended up sticking into a spiraling trap of expecting at least the things I had going for me and allowing me to be content with myself to suffice what I could not muster out. Unfortunately like you say there is only so long you can go with venting and praying that there will be a way out, even if the entire thing was unannounced and let alone endured personally. It's not that Vidizens don't care and they absolutely don't want to be hypocrites against themselves if they do so choose to let go of certain content creators but you just got to find your way out.
      • nodetact parent reply It was more like something i could have otherwise addressed through my other social media platforms as to make them more relevant and active instead of hoarding the epitome powers of video too harshly. But in a good light, Vidme has for the most part had my utmost attention the furthest, and not only does that say a lot about my unfulfilling desires and ambitions, but even as i am a channel more renowned for its insightful comments than the weekly uploads (the description on its profile page has a reversed chronology of that, of which contradicts the present videos to comments points ratios "AND ALSO make insightful comments" rofl that's like 97.5% of what's actually there) I'm sure there is a way to steer even the friendly bias that i am a comments only channel on Vidme, but without dismissing the value and importance of my commenting to everyone in the first place, even as i move forward up along my engaging four dozen weekly videos per year (i remain confident)!
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply From MY side. if you miss a day here and there, really isn't a huge deal. There are times I go back and revisit your videos, like the trips to parts of Estonia, or when you give out helpful hints, especially some of your timelapses. Don't forget, just because a video is 1 day 1 week 1 month 1 year+ old, it is still a valuable library of informal information we can all look back on.
    • StefanJenkins parent reply Awasome thats so cool Thanks ) . I must say I do to think about that more as I make more videos. as from myside its almost like right video is up. On to the next one. How can I make this one better than yestedays. :)
  • [ – ] SurfersSelfies reply yea man having people u can talk to about ur videos is great and so much fun :D i love it
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply You have some real commitment and appreciate that, seriously.
  • [ – ] Bodyknowledge77 reply I can identify with the need for creative consistency. I thought don't like going more then a couple of days or so without uploading(on Youtube though). I'm still trying to get into the roll of Vidme and help have it compliment/improve my creative situation..
    • StefanJenkins parent reply Yer do it man I have found it awesome :) I love it. uploading everyday has really help the creative juices :)
  • [ – ] allaj reply pole hullu
  • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall reply I know how you feel man. I feel weird if I'm not editing videos, writing music, commenting to other people or my own videos. It's tough man. It's still hard to make content all the time. Gotta take the camera man.
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