Announcing The Kilroy Event: Free Speech Conference 2018

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  • [ – ] CraggBragg reply I've never been to Arizona but now I have a reason to visit!
  • DaemonGameZ reply I'd love a way to watch and participate via the interweb.
  • Suprememe reply I can see your camera. Why did you think wearing reflective sunglasses would be a good idea? Anyways, the conference sounds great.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Dave .. im here thanks to you and styxhexenhammer. Love this site man and stay golden ponyboy.
  • [ – ] basic_goku reply It's good to see the asbergers team going outside for once.
  • LYSERGICWORLD reply WTF Bro? Did you run this by Kilroy...? Does he know your appropriating his image for this event?
  • yourvagismysafespace reply If you can successfully find a place that woulnt cave in from pressure from the SJW tarts, it would be great. The place has to be immune to being blackmailed by any corporations that have used their facilities in the past & would threaten to boycott if pressured by or were in league with the snowflakes. As stated previously there's nothing to stop them calling in bomb threats, plan to budget in a bomb sniffing dog when figuring out all costs. I foresee a certain unnamed person petitioning the UN to perform a surgical drone strike on the venue to eliminate all her harassers in one fell swoop.
  • RebelRadio reply You guys are bigger, better creators... you took the internet from them. you take it's administrations as well. The future cannot belong to those who insult the pepe.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Hey sorry to spam ... last comment. But i think that this is a great idea. It would be awesome to get some debates going left and right. If we've ever needed free speech and debate its now the country is so polarized. Not sure if i can make it ..because I'm really poor, but I'll try. Thanks Dave.
  • DavidGX reply I'd be very interested to see this come to fruition, assuming it doesn't just immediately get shut down with bomb threats or something.
  • blazedu reply awesome. Would love to go but traveling the US is not something i would like to do. But seriously it's great that in arizona you have support to do this.
  • [ – ] CXDaemonMedia reply Free speech helps free people. The struggle for freedom is a most noble of ambitions.
  • Magicslayer reply I think this is a great idea.
  • AvidUrner reply There is a lot of potential here. But, this can't be a venue for a mass one-sided echo chamber. This needs marketed carefully to attract level-headed individuals from both "sides" of these debates. You also need to be sure to reach out to your followers to stress the importance and potential of this. I am great friends with someone that is about as far on the opposite side of the aisle as can be. A little empathy and open-mindedness goes a long way and all attendees need to have that understanding.
  • [ – ] 420brian reply is anybody haveing trouble uploading video ? does it keep processing and never finish ?
    • GoMGTOW parent reply After a video uploads, it takes about 15 minutes to process before it can be watched. If your uploading via link, video's will not play for some reason. Direct upload is the best way to go.
  • basic_goku reply Quantos tenies penochas?
  • ExitToShell reply expand (possible spam) Good another reason to get out of Northern California and go back to my home state of AZ. Plus my parents want me to visit more often.
  • blindfire reply Sounds like a good time. I hope to have enough money to attend next year.
  • KJeeMusic reply I'd definitely love to go if i can afford to get out of england by next year.
  • MrFixIt reply Dude, you look better as a cartoon than real life ;)
  • Ballt-Zalt reply That is great news, it's about time!
  • MiriSakura reply It's good to see, that there still exists people interested in free speech and openminded discussions. Keep up the good work Dave.
  • Trumpenator reply Well my friend though it sounds great don't out do yourself so fast, though free speech is good you will have much oposition just because you have many online Soros trolls who have their own ideaology what free speech is and lately there seems to be a BLM movement to eradicate free speech from any conservative, right party. To get all partys to come together is a strenuous mission to set in place, again Antifa is a huge threat because their goal is to blend in, observe,call in the troops if they feel you are a threat to what they think is their push to take America from me i have been to over 77 events in many forms and no matter how secured you are they get in. Dont rely on the law to back you up, because Soros has his connections and financially can destroy us who just what to do whats right, good example is Venezuela, Antifa has destroyed many groups and organizations moving forward. If you think this movement you are trying to form you best keep it secret, basically you...more Video socialist are so clueless the evils are watching you, i gave up 6 weeks ago after the France take down, When Macron won it was my last battle, Many are clueless how much money backs Antifa, many are clueless Macron is a Antifa leader funded by Soros, he has a mission and Soros is only the top general to those who are in control. The New World Order must be implemented at any cost, they have all the money because they are the ones printing it. Trying to rightfully gather up souls to have their freedom speech or rights protected is wishful thinking, sadly even Trump is clueless how many enemies lurk in his panel. It wont be long before the evil take him down or out, you see the NWO Cult Globalist spent 80 years building and invested so much in their movement and they are not going to allow great people like us to stop that. If you are going to form special groups you must be wise and know the internet is your enemy and you must grow by tongue and commitment and cloak yourselves from allowing the world your info. Do you know any info you share online is monitored and archived? In order for any app creator to promote his app he must sell his soul to those who owns the internet, you cant trust no app that proclaims to be anonymous, Google owns them. Not even this one you are sharing on now. NSA is watching you and they are building up a profile on all of us right now. Dont kid yourselves to believe they dont know who we are and what we do. In NYC they have a windowless skyscraper full of computers dedicating only to build up your profile on you. My friends if you want to start a group you must unplug, and commit to primitive communication tactics otherwise your online tactics are doomed. I hate to cloud your ideas and plans but you just exposed it online. Trust me your communication devices are your worse enemy. Think outside of that box because if you dont big brother will always have you in checkmate, believe it. I know detatching from your social devices is hard, the addiction controls you because they control your mind as long as you believe your devices are your best friend. I wish you luck and hope my words of wisdom helps. Peace
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