Enough is Enough from these haters, Discord Announcement (Mr. A.T. UPDATE)

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  • [ – ] DomsPlaylist reply This has gone too far
  • [ – ] TrooperTru reply BRO-KNIGHTS 4 LIFE!
  • [ – ] RedExec reply Stop playing the victim card, you terminated my channel for nothing than you being a pussy who cant take criticism. Thanks to you 6 years of work and memories are gone.
    • MrATAndreiThomas parent reply Fuck off Thomas, you've done that upon yourself, if you haven't made that disgraceful video you made against me, your youtube channel wouldn't be terminated along with your six years of your work, so far this year, you've already done enough damage to me, you came on my vidbitfuture channel Accused me off view botting and made that stupid video with my face on it after we had our fude on the comments, then later in the summer, you did it again which You have gone too far, so I reported you, after Your youtube channel was terminated, you'd have also lied to me about the apology video you made when it turns out, you made a demised video with a A4 printed piece paper of me, litting it on fire and burning it to the ground, don't you realise you will get yourself arrested for arson if you are not too careful, if you haven't come to my channel on VidbitFuture this whole situation would have been avoided and your youtube channel would of stayed active and as much as you despise me, I'm not wi...morelling to waste my damn time with you and your pathetic shit, so be gone from my sight and go fuck yourself. MR. A.T. OUT
  • TuringTestFailed reply You don't know why I said you're one of the most like a robot? The only emotion you are capable of is anger. Keep up the good work.
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