Is the Atari 2600 worth getting into for retro gamers?

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  • NonsensicalRants reply No. And there you have your answer.
  • [ – ] Gratowl reply Fuck, the Wii is probably considered Retro at this point. D: Does anyone here consider that retro?
  • Gratowl reply I used to play a few atari games at my grandmother's house. The games are so simplistic both control-wise and graphics-wise that I can't see the appeal in it. I like retro games myself, but I prefer Supernintendo through Gamecube era games when the technology was advanced enough to be more exciting. That's my personal preference, at least.
  • Davis_MJ_Aurini reply There are maybe a dozen games worth playing on the Atari - Tron 2, Missile Command, the aforementioned Spiderman - but honestly, the rest are just crap. At least E.T. has a goal; with the others, you just rack up points by doing the same action, over and over again. They're interesting bits of history, but these days we'd call them minigames - which are usually the worst part of a game. Buy it if you win the lottery, not before.
  • RayceJacobson reply Why buy something you know you're not going to play?
  • John_Titor reply I tried about fifteen years ago. Got a decent setup. Other than the soundtrack to Moon Patrol I had no interest in any of the games. I'd say only if you had one when you were a kid.
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