IMPORTANT Video for New And Old Followers!

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  • [ – ] Smiless reply I'm sorry, but this is cheating, you're using other people's desperation for your own personal gain I will not be following
    • [ – ] Double-T parent reply Sorry you feel that way I just wanted to find a way to give back the support I've been getting on my channel by spreading the love. I have to choose one person a week or else I'd be upvoting all of my followers videos on a constant basis.
      • [ – ] Smiless parent reply The way that it seems you are doing it though is to get mindless creators who want likes to follow you because they know they might get something back, it's like those giftcard give aways that you have to subscribe first to get
        • [ – ] Double-T parent reply I'm sure the 3 followers I gained today is cheating lol if you don't like my content don't follow my channel that's how this website works. Stop taking something positive and trying to make it negative.
          • [ – ] Smiless parent reply I wasn't trying to be negative, I was saying my opinion, isn't the whole point of Vidme to share your opinion freely without being shot down?
  • [ – ] galwaybeard reply In like Flynn.
  • [ – ] SirNigelCogs reply That' a fun idea :).
  • [ – ] duffy reply One more follower on your follower page!
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